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everyone has a story worth sharing.
with every project WE create
       a new reality & a new        fiction, to support, communicate & potentiate any relevant conversation.

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Journey, Digital ID

Launching of the new website for a new company; Journey.world, that navigates in web3 and offers cutting edge interactive experiences

Google Pixel Arena

An immersive 3D environment that allows fans to engage with the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

NIKE, Never Done Playing

Installation with a character made out of clay for Nike Kids AMS, & an animated video announcing a new shoe model for Nike running.

Intro Demo Reel 2022

An astronaut does an emergency lands in an unknown planet. This is the intro of our 2022 Reel.


A procedural collection of 8888 NFTs made fully in 3D, together with the campaign to release it.

MSC - What Really matters

Two Global campaigns to communicate the new approach of MSC as a company that cares for the world and their customers

Gatorade Black Ice

VFX 3D animated main video of the new product Gatorade Black Ice

Pelikan Campaigns

A series of 3d animated videos as a part of a campaign for anouncing a new series of Pelikan products

PSA Manifesto

PSA Tequila Manifesto