Pelikan Campaigns


A series of 3d animated videos as a part of a campaign for anouncing a new series of Pelikan products

3d animation, motion design, sound design

Pelikan Campaigns

About the project

This project is a series of animated videos for all kind of Pelikan Holding products,a german company manufacturing writing, office, and art equipment. For this project we partnered with UnStudioUnplus, a Mexican/French design studio, to develop memorable and fun animations for kids and young adults.

The Challenge

It is always a difficult task to do graphics and motion that goes directed to kids as the main public, you need fresh graphics and vibrants colors. Challenging yes! but mostly fun :)

Pelikan Campaigns

Idea & Concept

Colorful and playful models that shows the world you can create with Pelikan

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Pelikan Campaigns

The solution

Our thoughts here were to go simple and playfull, full of colors and basic rounded shapes with cute details and at the same time make an environment where the product pops and makes a good contrast, showing the quality in the materials of each pen made by Pelikan.

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Pelikan Campaigns

  • Direction Lead:
  • Martin Ramirez & Neko‍
  • 3D Art:
  • Nadia tovar / Horacio‍
  • 3D Animation & Motion design:
  • Neko‍
  • Project Manager:
  • Lic pollito
  • Script:
  • Landa
  • Music:
  • Neko & Steve
  • Agency:
  • Un Studio en Plus

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