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PSA Tequila Manifesto

3D Design, VFX, Motion Design, main Titles Design

PSA Manifesto



About the project

PSA Group as one of the biggest and more important Agave producers internationally, at By Fiction we create and work on a manifesto that helped the brand to be visually relevant in their market segment and bring value and trust to their stakeholders and new brand ambassadors.

The Challenge

Visualizing the future for a traditional brand like PSA Group was a challenging task, but one that we were excited to take on. Our goal was to help the brand imagine and communicate their vision for the next 20 years, including the vertical expansion of their business. To achieve this, we worked closely with PSA Group to develop an original screenplay and accompanying music and poweful voice over that would effectively communicate their vision in a clear and compelling way. This was no easy task, as we had to carefully consider every aspect of the script and the final product to ensure that it was both engaging and effective. In the end, we are pleased with the final product and believe that it effectively conveys PSA Group's vision for the future. We are proud to have played a role in helping the brand to imagine and communicate their future, and we are confident that our work will help to inspire and engage audiences.

PSA Manifesto

Idea & Concept

A Manifest that communicates heritage and at the same time a bright future for a company deeply connected with their own roots

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PSA Manifesto

The solution

We developed a complete 360 concept , from the script trying to find a cinematic look and the perfect voice over to communicate the feeling. Interdisciplinary as we could, we worked hand by hand with an architect, helping us to developed a CI model in a correct scale and projection 30 years into the future, we use tools for photogrammetry, and 3d modeling for a really accurate model of each building and structure. Finally we added original music for an epic mood and final touch

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PSA Manifesto

  • Direction Lead:
  • Martín Ramirez & Neko
  • Concept Art & 3D Design:
  • Martín Ramirez
  • 3D Animation:
  • Neko
  • Project Manager:
  • Lic Pollito
  • Script:
  • Hugo Landa
  • Music:
  • Neko & Steve
  • Agency:
  • Lucky Ideas

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