Google Pixel Arena


An immersive 3D environment that allows fans to engage with the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Gaming, CGI, Character Design

Google Pixel Arena

interactive, character design, mobile, game, app

About the project

We went full interactivity mode to build an in-app game for the NBA playoffs together with Google partnership introducing their new Pixel 6 phone. Amazing project made in collaboration with Media Monks and Jam3. The project got a FWA of the day on July 22.

The Challenge

A 3D character completely customizable, the challenge but also the fun part was to model and texture a ton of different assets for the character. Between shoes, hats, beard styles, haircut styles and graphics we achieve a model to be personalized as much as the user wants

Google Pixel Arena

Idea & Concept

Pixel Arena as the stadium where the game happens, and a 3d character that is fully customizable and reflects the personality of each NBA fan

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Google Pixel Arena

The solution

An immersive game experience in which in a personalized and informative way fans got engaged with the 2022 NBA Playoffs. Within the NBA app, fans will be transported through their phone’s screen into an immersive digital arena, which to start, will focus on every playoff game’s longest break: half-time. Fans who visit the Pixel Arena at the half will be presented with a number of unique features including avatar customization, first-half and post-game scoring recaps, trivia, and more!

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Google Pixel Arena

  • Direction Lead:
  • Bate
  • Concept Art
  • Alberto Irigoyen
  • Max Vera
  • Gaby Quevedo
  • 3d Art:
  • Hugo Landa
  • Martin Ramirez
  • Neko
  • Bate
  • 3d Animation:
  • Alberto Gaona
  • Project Manager:
  • Mariana Morales
  • Bate
  • In Partnership with Jam3 and Media Monks teams:
  • Alfredo Rivera
  • Ashley Hadzopoulos
  • Danilo Nagura
  • Pedro Barroso

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