Gatorade Black Ice


VFX 3D animated main video of the new product Gatorade Black Ice

VFX, Motion graphics, CGI, 3D, Simulations, Animation

Gatorade Black Ice

Advertising, VFX, Mograph, 3D

About the project

We were honored to have done this piece for such a beloved drink in the sports world. With the new market for Gatorade Black Ice, We collaborated along "Radar en operación" to do a short but powerful video with new refreshing, enjoyable flavors with unique colors and a lot of contrast and fast pace motion. Black Ice is a special edition with a unique mix of dark fruits and is really a special project for us at ByFiction.

The Challenge

Creating a cool and mysterious atmosphere was the main challenge of this motion graphics project. To achieve this, we chose a dark and foggy style that would keep the viewer's attention and add to the overall atmosphere of the piece.To bring this vision to life, we used a combination of VFX techniques and motion graphics to create a world that was both captivating and intriguing. The result is a short piece that is packed with cool details and movement, all set against a dark and foggy backdrop.  This piece is a hit for all audiences and help to showcase our skills in the world of motion graphics.

Gatorade Black Ice

Idea & Concept

The commercial begins in a dark and foreboding environment, with a thick layer of ice covering the ground. Suddenly, the sound of cracking and splintering fills the air as a bottle emerges from the ice, breaking through the frozen surface with powerful force. As the bottle continues to rise, it becomes clear that it is not being lifted by an external force, but rather by the power of the liquid inside. The camera zooms in on the label of the bottle, revealing Gatorade Black Ice Brand & edition, as the liquid inside begins to bubble and churn with energy. The commercial ends with the bottle standing tall and proud, free from the ice that once encased it. This powerful and evocative commercial showcases the strength and vitality of the brand's product, and communicates the idea that the true power of the liquid comes from within.

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Gatorade Black Ice

The solution

Our goal with this project was to create a full CGI environment that would be both visually stunning and immersive. To achieve this, we used advanced motion graphics and VFX techniques to create a world that was both realistic and exciting. The use of particles and Houdini simulations were essential in creating the right atmosphere and feeling for this project. These techniques allowed us to add depth and detail to the environment, making it feel more alive and believable.In addition to the visuals, we also paid careful attention to the sound design of the piece. We used powerful graphics and sound effects to create a dynamic and impactful experience that would keep the viewer engaged. Overall, we are proud of the result of this project and believe that our use of advanced motion graphics and VFX techniques helped to create a full CGI environment that is both accurate and immersive.

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Gatorade Black Ice

  • Creative & Art Direction
  • José Martín Ramírez Carrasco
  • Motion Graphics
  • Neko
  • Simulations
  • José Martín Ramírez Carrasco & Neko
  • Project Manager
  • Lic. Pollito
  • Agency
  • Radar en operación / Gatorade

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