A procedural collection of 8888 NFTs made fully in 3D, together with the campaign to release it.

NFT, procedural, collection, web3, storytelling, CGI


NFT, procedural, collection, web3, storytelling

About the project

In the heat of the NFT movement we decided to come out with a collaborative, totally procedural 3d collection of NFTs to gain experience about this new type of media and to have fun surrounded by a team of experts in their own fields

The Challenge

Our main objective was to learn about the NFT world, smart contracts, minting and mostly producing a generative collection of 8,888 NFTs directly from our main 3d software keeping the quality of a native 3d render without compromising the mixing of the shadows, lights, translucid and transparent materials and the depth of each image. Since most of the collections were being made through mixing images already rendered, our challenge was to add the metadata to each and everyone of the 3d assets of our Cow character into the 3d software and then render the complete image with the mix and randomization complete and got that render with all the info embedded and ready to upload to any NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. Together with the team of devs, We buildd a series of tools, arrengements and xpresso codes inside Cinema4D to help the randomization and the adding of metadata to each asset for having each render processed ready to be an NFT


Idea & Concept

8888 Meka-Kows that come from outterspace fighting for equality and a better universe for all the animals

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The solution

More than a simple solution, the core of this project was to build randomization and a wide variation of the type of cows so we can have a low level of similarities between the NFT cards and not rely only on different colors on a small amount of pieces. So we did a lot of modeling for different assets giving a wide range of personalities for each cow to embrace. With this we hope the project can be visually different and more attractive than the basic PFP projects in the NFT market.

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  • 3D Art:
  • Bate
  • Hugo Landa
  • Neko
  • Martín Ramírez
  • Motion design:
  • Neko
  • Programming team:
  • Alfredo, Alejandro
  • Marketing team:
  • Elvis Sulub
  • Mono
  • Web design lead:
  • Hadzidy Recilla
  • NFT mentor:
  • Ozymandias

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